Hero Templates

Plaguelord Healer

Skill requirements:

20 points in Lech - You get 2 mana per unit killed. (Per point)

25 points in Elcors Aura  - Increase Healing done by 20. (Per point)

Item requirements:

Elven Ring - 8% chance to cast Self Heal

Elven Ring - 8% chance to cast Self Heal

Paladin's Helmet - 5% chance to cast Life Ward


With both elven rings you have 16% chance to cast Self Heal.

Self heal only heals for 50 HP, but if your 25 points in Elcors Aura you will get 550 HP with Self Heal!

Even if you die with the rings your Paladin's helmet will save your life! Life Ward restores FULL HEALTH when you die!

If you get 20 points in Lech you will get 40 mana per kill. It will allows you to spam Major Healing that heal entire map for 600 HP! That will be very good support to your troops!

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