Quest Log

* Im sorry for delay...

Im sorry for the delay in next patch release but i have been bussy doing a work.

Now that i have finished the work im going to start creating a tool to edit items since the next patch will be about items.

Please send me yout items and/or sets suggestions. To do that you can use this thread in our forums (No registration is required)

* WBC3-DE Forum goes live!

I have created a forum for WBC3-DE Patch.

In there you can post your suggestions, report bugs, and much more!

To view our forum Click here!

* Version released!

New version is ready for download, in this version i have changed units spell costs.

To read patch notes Click here!

To download Click here!

* Comming Soon patch notes updated!

I have updated version patch notes.

Im currently testing the future patch and going to release it soon.

To read version patch notes Click here!

* Hero Templates added!

I have added my Hero Template to website.

If anyone want to submit hero templatea please use contact button!

To check Hero Templates Click here!


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